LTM (Last Tuesday of the Month) Reading Group

Last Tuesday of the Month Reading Group - Cleveland, Ohio

Each diamond in our logo symbolizes one of the four original membersAbout the Cleveland, Ohio Chapter of the LTM Reading GroupThe original LTM (Last Tuesday of the Month) Reading Group began with four members, each symbolized by one of the diamonds in our logo. The group's creator (and the Moderator) and one of the original members are still active. The third and fourth chairs (currently filled) have been occupied by numerous members who have come and gone.

The Group was formed in September 2002, in Cleveland, Ohio. Since then, the group has been actively meeting on the last Tuesday of every month, except December.

Purpose of the Group

  1. To read
  2. To share our thoughts and ideas
  3. To encourage the reading of material we may be unfamiliar with and books that fall outside our regular areas of interest
  4. To have fun as a group
  5. To help reduce stress

Sharing books and building friendshipsMembership Magic

In the past and for extended periods, our membership has exceeded four. Although we set no conscious limit on our membership size, for reasons unknown, our group seems to function at its best with only four members.

Perhaps the “magic” is not the number, but rather the personality mix! Our friendship bonds grow stronger with each book we read and share as a group.

May blessings be upon the head of Cadmus, the Phoenicians, or whoever it was that invented books. ~ Thomas Carlyle